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Question about Glyph and Beckon
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Tue Jun 25 2019, 08:41a.m.
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Can you put a beckon spell in a glyph? RAW suggest that you can. In chapter 1 is says any offensive spell can be placed in a glyph, and beneficial or caster only spells can’t be placed in a glyph. However it doesn’t comment on non-beneficial non-offensive non-caster-only spells. Just looking for a clarification.

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Tue Jun 25 2019, 03:35p.m.

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I believe the target triggering a glyph takes care of the willing part in any spells not specifically classed as 'Offensive' but I'll confirm any discrepancies with the rules committee. Ex. Feign Death, Lesser Teleport (defined location so no issues), Beckon (fixed location), etc. There's a few gray areas which we'll examine for the next update.

As for Beckon, it has a fixed spot that the target is moved to. In essence the Glyph is considered the caster, so the target appears at the spot of the glyph (i.e. same spot). The only drawback is that the target is affected by a dimension door effect for the next 10 minutes.
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Wed Jul 10 2019, 05:03p.m.
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The only thing that needs pointed out, which prevents beckon from going into a glyph at all (I have used it in a glyph due to not reading the rules closely myself) is this.

Glyph-type Spells will place a Spell into a magical symbol which, when placed on an object or container, will release its energy if it is disturbed. Any **Offensive** Spell known to the Spellcaster can be placed in the Glyph-type Spell. It does not cost any additional mana to place the Spell into the Glyph. Beneficial and Casteronly Spells cannot be placed in Glyphs......

So as beckon is not an offensive spell it cannot be placed within glyphs. Same for lesser portal and several other effects that may have been used lately due to someone (possibly me) missing that one word in the rules.
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Steven Corwin
Wed Jul 10 2019, 05:20p.m.
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Sat Jul 20 2019, 01:04p.m.
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It only mentions offensive spells as a requirement for spells to be put into glyphs in chapter one. The Glyph spell descriptions only say non-Beneficial and non-Caster-Only.

Also, since "offensive" isn't a defined spell designation, like "beneficial" or "caster-only", it raises the question of what spells are considered "offensive". For example, a healing spell is offensive to undead. Could it be placed in a glyph? What about an earth blast, which is not offensive to earth elementals?

[ Edited Sat Jul 20 2019, 01:05p.m. ]
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Sat Jul 20 2019, 01:29p.m.

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Offensive to PCs
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Sun Jul 21 2019, 08:53a.m.

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For final clarification, the Chapter 1 'Offensive' designation is correct, while the spell descriptions are slightly older and will be updated accordingly. Only Offensive spells may be placed in Glyphs. If you trigger a Glyph, you are considered 'willing' for any contained spell effects if such a designation is warranted.

Offensive spells are a defined spell designation, since they have 'Offensive' in the spell description, same as Beneficial and Caster-only (i.e. not lower case offensive). Therefore, only those spells may be placed in Glyphs. If it does not state 'Offensive' in the spell description, it may not be placed in a glyph.

Non-designated spells such as Healing spells are not Offensive, even though the Undead class of creatures are susceptible to them and may be damaged by them. Another example is a light spell may damage shadow creatures, but it does not make it an Offensive spell overall as a designation. These cannot be placed in a Glyph.

Similarly on the resistance side of Offensive spells, Earth damaging spells are considered Offensive because they damage the majority of the targets they hit, even though Earth Elemental creatures may have a natural immunity to them. Offensive spells only may be place in a Glyph.
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