Jan 06 : 21:41 posted by Lucas 
Join us for the 30th annual COSCON gaming convention & expo March 16-18, 2018 at the General Butler Vagabonds Hall in Lyndora (Butler), PA! Online registration is now open at the discounted rate, so register early to save money! Planned again for this con are great events including D&D Adventurers League, Shadowrun Missions, Pathfinder & Starfinder Society, Titansgrave, RPGs, Miniatures, COSPlay, vendors, and more!

Event submission is now open, and new events will continuously be posted on our COSCON XXX 2018 Wahorn site, so keep checking back regularly!

If you plan on running an event, please begin submitting them!
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Nov 14 : 23:45 posted by Lucas 
Save money and hassle next season today by purchasing the 2018 COS Quest LARP Season Pass!

It's a super gift idea just in time for the holidays, or a great way to treat yourself. For only $125 you can prepay for 7 weekend events, including the Memorial 4-Day Weekend!

The 2018 Season Pass will be available through COSCON 2018, but why wait and risk forgetting about this awesome deal?! Pay via PayPal today!
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Nov 14 : 23:35 posted by Lucas 
The Circle of Swords Gaming Guild again offers the opportunity for the friends and family of our members to give the gift of Quest Character Prestige & Skill Points this holiday season!

Points are $6 each, with a maximum of $120 for 20 Points per player (not Character)!

Better start writing those letters to Santa or plan to save up some of that Christmas gift money now, because this offer ends January 31st, 2018!

Help support the gaming club you've all come to know and love while making your 2018 Quest season a little merrier!

Click Here to give the gift of Quest Points! (and we thank you for your support!)
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