Jul 15 : 12:56 posted by Lucas
Next COS Vampire LARP:
  • SIBCON XIII - September 26-28, 2008
    Days Inn, Butler, PA
    New players may contact vampire@circleofswords.com for additional details
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Jun 01 : 17:16 posted by Lucas
Local Event Benefiting the Edwin J. Wilbert, Jr. Donation Fund
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May 30 : 19:00 posted by Lucas
Next COS Quest LARP Event: September 12-14, 2008!
  • Where (OOG): Raccoon Creek Camp 2
  • Where (IG): Barlow
  • Who's Running: Plot Rotation 2
  • PC/Pre-Pay Cost: $20
  • NPC Cost: $10

Upcoming Events:
  • September 26-27: SIBCON XIII
  • Three 4-hour LARP Events
  • Sign Up on WarHorn.net/Sibcon13 today!

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Mar 21 : 18:00 posted by Lucas
Welcome to the new and improved Circle of Swords website!

There are many new features to the new site, and more on the way! There's bound to still be some bugs, so bear with us while we work them out. If you see something that doesn't work or doesn't look right, let us know!

Please make sure your contact information in your User Settings is current, as we'll be using this information to contact our members for various Convention, LARP, and other Club-related activities both online and via emails!

We hope you enjoy the new site!

Quest Players:
You can use your old COS Quest character database login/password to enter this site! If you don't remember that info or never used it in the first place, try the "Forgot Password?" link (we transferred many of the email addresses on file)!

If that doesn't work, make a new account and I'll match up the two accounts within a day or so using the information you submitted!

Note: If you create a new account, I'll merge both accounts and delete one. If it says you have an invalid cookie, simply destroy it by clicking the link below the message and log back in normally.

If you still can't get it, use the "Contact Us" form and let me know...

Other Club Members & Previous Con Attendees:
Feel free to make an account! If you encounter any issues creating your account or logging in, please let me know!

Feedback & Troubleshooting:
Let me know what's broke, so I can fix it!
Post in the Forum!
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