Living Campaigns

In addition to promoting the gaming hobby, we also provide and encourage 'Living' campaigns at our COS Game Days and Convention events. These campaigns allow players to gain experience for their characters from scenario to scenario, and allow them to take on bigger challenges than they could before.

In addition to Wizards of the Coast's RPGA Living Forgotten Realms and other campaigns, COS provides our own COSWorld & COSWorld Evil campaigns, utilizing the Pathfinder rules system.

Other 'Living' RPG campaigns run by our members include many popular game systems, including:
* Shadowrun Missions
* Pathfinder Society
* Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition
* Star Wars Living Galaxy (Saga Edition)
* GURPS Supers
* GURPS Traveller
* Serenity
Next Con Dates
MAR 22-24, 2019 - COSCON XXXI
SEP 20-22, 2019 = SIBCON XXIV