The History Of The Realm

The History of the Realm of Allwyn


1008 AL: A deal is made with Silverpenny for his freedom, and he helps Northgate retrieve Baron Aaron (who was captured and imprisoned by the Duke) and arranges to stop the Servosan counter attacks to Northgate. With the defeat of the Servosan army and with setbacks in the East, the Duke's forces were in full retreat.

With the help of some of the Servosan Houses and the support of Northgate, Baron Aaron is able to broker a deal with the Duke. He becomes the new Baron of Servosa with his ward Melissa being named Baroness of Northgate with Silar as her Advisor. The Duke is allowed to remain Duke under the terms that he withdraws his forces from Northgate and Servosa and approves the appointment of the new Barons. As the three sides try to rebuild their Baronies, an uneasy peace is in place and life starts to return to normal.

1009 Age of Light...

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