The History Of The Realm

The History of the Realm of Allwyn


A fierce storm is brewing in the Freehold of Barlow. The source is unknown, but the results are devastating. The region has been pelted by a black, sickly rain, which has ruined fields and flooded passes. All travel to the south from the Freehold is nearly impossible, forcing travelers to skirt the borders of Barlow to reach their desired destinations.

As winter set in, the unrelenting storm changed the rain to a revolting ash-colored snow. Animals all but disappeared, and a strange hush seemed to fall over not only the Freehold, but the Barony as a whole as well. Now that the snows have begun to thaw, the lasting effects of this storm are still unclear as rain again plagues the region. Druids and rangers have no clue if or when the storm will end, hoping that the lands can withstand this recent devastation. Only time can tell...

4/25/1012 AL: And thus a new year began! While it would be good to see how some things never change, it is never good when that means that good people are made to suffer. Troubles have resumed for a small town called Freehaven in the Shire of Hero's Reach. A call for aid has been issued to any kind-hearted adventurers able to heed it, and the Trade Guilds of Northgate have also offered their connections to help in any way they can. It is time to strike out to a new region and explore a bit more of the Barony of Northgate. May fortune smile upon you and those you may be able to help in your journeys!

5/23/1012 AL: A new tavern opened in the Shire of Cimbar, and the adventurers traveled to visit the Silver Acorn Inn. The region was under the protection of the local Rangers and Druids, but something had corrupted the swamp of the area, tainting the citizens of the area. With the help of the adventurers, though, a large snakelike creature within the swamp was defeated and the area has begun to heal.

6/27/1012 AL: The adventurers return to Battice to find that Martial Law had been declared and troops from the Barony had established a small stronghold near the town. Strange laws were instituted, however, and the adventurers began to suspect that something was wrong. Investigation into the matter revealed that the higher-ranking troops of the keep were waylaid and replaced by brigands, and that they used their 'rank' to plague the area and its inhabitants. The adventurers quickly notified Stormhaven so that a new trustworthy force could be deployed and the interlopers within the local force could be dealt with. Only time will tell if order will be restored.

7/25/1012 AL: A cry for help arose from the small town of Freehaven in the Shire of Hero's Reach. Strange tribes of goblins swept into the area from the west, attacking farmlands, livestock, and even other goblin and orc tribes with fierce cruelty. Termed 'Night Goblins' by the locals, these creatures spread terror in the local populace, and assistance was desired from anyone who would help. Adventurers of Northgate heeded the call and chased off the Night Goblins the time being. Together, they also aided the locals with other problems, which included defeating another lich found below the surface and the thwarting yet another of an evil villain's diabolical plan!

8/22/1012 AL: Our traveling folk returned to the Freehold of Barlow to find strange things amiss. The two taverns of the area had become segregated into demi-humans and humans, where all human-sympathizers were forced to attend Riordan's Rest. Though an underlying hostility was present, there appeared to not be many open conflicts (though Riordan's Rest fell victim to a slight arson incident). To make matters worse, another large snake beast and its elemental lizardkin minions were holed up in a nearby stronghold, accompanied by strange winged creatures. Eventually, however, the adventurers dealt with the creatures of evil.

10/10/1012 AL: The arrival of the adventurers in Narfell was greeted by the emergence of a great brown dragon with an affinity to the element of Earth. The dragon, searching for some of its stolen treasure, eventually had its attention turned towards the nearby town. When it learned that part of its treasure was destroyed, battle quickly ensued with no clear victor emerging. While the dragon conflict raged, a strange sense of darkness lingered in the area, though details vary on the exact nature of it. The stalemate unbroken and few details gathered, the adventurers departed shortly thereafter in search of a solution to the situation…

1013 Age of Light...

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