The History Of The Realm

The History of the Realm of Allwyn


Fire dominated the world. Fire; uncontrolled, unharnessed, chaotic; it consumed everything. But in time it began to exhaust itself.

Areas of fire became cool and soon fire began to die. As it died a new element came into being; Water.

The cold of the emptiness gave birth to ice and as ice came into contact with Fire it quenched it, destroyed it. Soon the cold had taken a firm grip on the world and the eternal struggle had begun. For as the war between Fire and Water continued, the other elements were born from the conflict. Earth from the Fire and Air from the Water.

Although each new element was young, they acquired their own views of the struggle. Air looked to maintain a balance between the Fire and Water; each would have some control, while Earth was content to let the struggle continue, it turned towards a new goal; Life.

The Age of Ice...

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