The History of the Races

The Elves

Elven Homeland: Shallomar

There was a time when all that existed was light. The universe was a great wide open plain beholden only to a simple and pervading light that united the entire universe. And as time drew it's life breath from this universe, slowly there came changes that were to structure the entire universe and bring about the necessary elements for life.

As these changes took place, there came truth, order, peace, life, hope, vigilance, mercy, and honor. These qualities became the driving force behind all of creation, and in years to come, these qualities would be personified into the heroes that exist in society today.

But with each of these positive elements came an opposite, lies, chaos, war, death, despair, sloth, prejudice, and disgrace. In the heroes was the people's chance of freedom from these phantom maladies. However, because of the heavy importance placed upon life in the universe, it was felt by the druids, dryads, shamans, and other spiritual figures that there needed to be a sacred and divine protector especially for life. In the eons to come, it would be the elven race.

There is a night, occurring once in five hundred years, when one star from each of the constellations of the unicorns is aligned to all of the other chosen stars. This night is known as Arahaut among the elves and it means, 'Birth'. Upon this night, in a time when there was much disorder and chaos in the universe, a council of druids came together with the aid of the unicorns to create a protector for life, in all her many beautiful forms.

How it was done is told differently among each of the different tribes of elves, and if you journey far enough away from where you were born, they will tell it differently to you, as well. But within this sacred legend comes the knowledge that upon this night, so many thousands of eons ago, for one brief moment, all of creation breathed a sigh of relief, and within every being's heart, there was a flash of light called hope that perhaps gave them the courage to live on, if for just that one moment.

But it was done, and from the knowledge given to me from my father, who was told by his father, and so on until you reach the end of my line, we have believed that at that very moment, when everything there was existed in harmony that as the stars came into their divine places, and the druids Joined hands and began to chant their magic words, and the unicorns each gave part of their essence into this maelstrom, creation held it's breath, and let come into existence our elven kind.

Originally, there were eight elves, four of each sex. The first pair shared characteristics in that they both held light hair, bright blue eyes, and a watery homeland. These were the Aquatic elves. They made their home in the seas and streams of the world, making kindred with the other aquatic creatures of the area. But there came a time when the cold winds of winter washed over their homelands, making the water as ice and the land as an arctic playground. Some of the elves could handle this abrupt temperature change, and stayed in their home to see what they could make of this new environment, but others could not handle the harsh temperatures, and went to a more southern area to keep up their livelihood. The elves who stayed in their homeland became known as the ice elves, while those that had moved to southern areas stayed known as the aquatic elves.

The second pair of elves were born with darker skin, and darker hair than their northern brothers. They all shared a deep devotion to the things of nature, finding it's beauty much more than anything that could be found in the cities and towns. When they first came into existence, they stayed mostly to the wooded areas, deciding not to venture into the areas developed by the gray elves. it was not until the disappearance of the gray elves that these 'Wood' elves came out of the forests and began to congregate in towns. Still yet, their towns looked more like forest outcroppings than the towns or cities of other elves.

The third pair of elven kindred were strong in their. features, dark skinned, with light hair. and perhaps a bit of mal-adjusted eyesight, for their favored homelands was the inner earth realms of the underground worlds. They became known as Drow elves, shielding themselves from, the plague of the light, and often becoming involved in violent conflict with surface peoples.

The fourth pair of elves were tall, well built, with gray hair instead of it's normal shade in the various places on an elfs body. These noble elves were the gray elves, and they were known far and wide for their diplomatic ability, ease at handling conflict, and overall demeanor. At one time, the gray elves made up the largest division of elves in existence, but alas, they are no more. It is rumored that these beings have left the known planes entirely and are living out their years in another place, far from the knowledge of those on the prime material plane. But during their years here, they made vast contributions to the way that society is today, with advancements in how we care for our sick, the education of magic users, and in fact the construction methods we use for our buildings today. Occasionally, a being appears who claims to be a gray elf, but his claims are always found to be false. There are also rumors that one day, the gray elves will return to stake their claim upon this society, but no one is entirely sure of this.

But common among the existing three groups is the devotion to such lofty causes as the protection of life, defense for the under protected, and guardians for the balance of life and death. All were concerned heavily with magic, the beauty found in life's bounty, and the special part that they, along with every other living thing held in the everlasting cycle of creation.

There is a number of elven sayings that have made themselves famous in the history of life, but many do not know the sacred code that many elves live by, and die for. This code embodies the reason they were created, and the reason that they exist today. This is that everything in the universe has a part, however small, and everyone has a place, no matter the music that he hears (however measured or far away ... ), and with this awe-inspiring gift that living things have been given comes the responsibility to give something back to those around you. May the eternal balance always lead you, and may your eyes never grow accustomed to the beautiful things you see around you.

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