The History of the Races

The Half Orcs
Half Orc Homeland: Northwestern Servosa, Kh'garik

During the creation process of everything else, an ancient, ugly spirit watched in discontent. It was unhappy because it liked chaos and disorder, though not for the usual reasons. It felt that when you introduce disorder into a system, it eventually makes it stronger. It sat back for a while and made sure everyone else was done with their creations, then it said, "Ha hah, I'll show them all, my creations will sow chaos and disorder, making the world a better place. They will have my aggression, to better server their warriors." And so they were vicious and cunning.

"They shall be able to bear children with these other races, to sow discontent in their social ranks." And so they could, and did, quite often. "They shall bear my strength, to aid their task." And so they were stronger then the elves and humans and other races, except for the Ogres, who would always remain the strongest. "Their lives shall be as a brief flash in the world, held next to the ever burning candle of the elves." And so they were much shorter lived than the elves and even the humans, who usually don't outlive anyone.

"And lastly, they shall bear my ugly face, to frighten their enemy and give nightmares to the children." And so from that point on, they bore the ugly face of their creator. Some bore it differently than others, especially cross-breeds, which happened quite often.

People playing half-orcs have two basic choices when doing a background for the character. Was the character raised in orcish society, or in human. If he/she was raised in human culture, then you don't need to read this, if; however, they were raised in orcish culture, then you have another choice to make. There are several clans that the orcs have formed to further their specific goals. Think of the clans as a big (somewhat warped) family. The only difference is, you don't have to be born into a clan. Every clan will let you in, if you prove yourself. Some clans; however, wont let you back out again. It will be noted in the individual descriptions.

Clan SilverTusk

Founded long ago by a wise old orc, the silver tusks try and make up for all of the damage that the orcish race has caused over the years. They generally don't like other orcs, but will associate with any other "friendly" race. Clan Silver Tusk is generally the nicest of the clans, but keep in mind, they're still orcs. Clan Silver Tusk is one of the few clans that will accept people outside the orcish race, if they prove themselves as people that really want to help the world. The main goal of Clan Silver Tusk is to make up for all of the evil that the orcish race has bestowed upon the world. (The Silver Tusks know this is impossible, but they keep trying.)

Clan BloodFang

Clan BloodFang is what most people expect of orcs. They are brutal warriors, with only the most basic of intelligence. Years or interbreeding among their own clan has led to a mindlessly savage, yet deadly clan of fighters. Blood Fangs don't care what race their allies are, as long as they can fight. These orcs are never truly happy unless they're fighting and winning. (And usually, if they're fighting, they're winning.) The main goal of Clan BloodFang is to fight. (They don't care who, when, why, or where)

Clan Border Runner

Border Runners are the thieves and cutpurses of orcish society. They will typically disguise themselves as some other clan member so as to more effectively deceive someone. They do not hesitate to steal from anyone that crosses their path, friend, foe, ally, or even fellow clan members. No one is safe from the pilfering fingers of a Border Runner. The Border Runners were also responsible for the destruction, many years ago, of the original Clan Ssendrahn. To this day, not much is known about this event. Those Border Runners that do know the story, never tell it, and usually change the subject with a fearful look in their eye. The main goal of Clan Border Runner is to acquire as much physical wealth as possible, which they compare at yearly gathering to see who is the best thief. (This member is typically given some sort of position within the Clan as a reward, though they usually hold little actual power.)

Clan Stoneheart

Mystics and astrologers, the Stonehearts are a frightening bunch to outsiders, for in their mystic pursuits over the many hundreds of years that the clan has existed, their emotions have been burnt away by the horrors that they have seen in the spirit world. They eyes of a Stoneheart are cold and lifeless, like the dead they speak to. It is said among the other clans that, "if one dead Stoneheart knew it, they all know it now." The statement is truer than most think. The Stonehearts speak often to their departed and use them as spies and information gatherers. It is rumored that they are the only clan that knows the truth about the destruction of Clan Ssendrahn so many years ago, but getting a Stoneheart to speak when they don't want to is like trying to interrogate ... well ... a corpse. The main goal of Clan Stoneheart is to explore and understand the barrier between life and death, referred to by them as "The Wall."

Clan Chaggah

The Chaggahs are a rare clan that has learned and accepted the truth as to why orcs were created. They believe that to sow chaos and disorder is their true purpose in life and they do so quite well. Spies, assassins, hired killers that turn on their employers, all of these things smell of Clan Chaggah. While they sometimes make friends, they rarely last long, either ending up with a dagger in the back, or stunned by the betrayal of the "good half-orc friend" who turned out to be an assassin using them to get close to the sheriff. Clan Chaggah is the other clan that will accept other races into its ranks, so long as the person is skilled at dealing out chaos. The main goal of Clan Chaggah is to see the world fall into disorder.

Clan Ssendrahn

Little is known, outside of rumors and heresy, what the original clan Ssendrahn was, who founded it or what they believed in. What is known is that hundreds of years ago, the clan was wiped out by Clan Border Runner in a series of raids. The Clan was restarted roughly twenty years ago as a refuge for the clans. Those orcs that were outcast from the original clan, or chose to become Ssendrahn (literally translated to "without a home"). It has been gaining in popularity for half-orcs, who have long been outcast from many forms of society. Due to the varying nature of the members. There is no real end goal for the clan, they exist mainly for themselves.

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