The History of the Races


Minotaur Homeland: Mynos

On a small chain of islands during the harmony of the age of life, a small civilization developed. These people were a highly intelligent, peace-loving group of humans. Their island, Mynos, was a tropical paradise. The people enjoyed centuries of peace. They were problem solvers and philosophers, poets and scholars. They enjoyed the peace their isolation granted them. They built boats and became master navigators. After centuries of development they set themselves to the task of reaching other lands.

The master shipwrights were set the task of creating the largest ship ever built. It was to be called the Paradise. After fifteen years of construction the vessel was at last ready to sail. A great celebration was planned to see the ship and its crew off on its long journey. The people of Mynos were, however, blissfully unaware of a great battle that about to occur a battle that would forever change the course of their people.

Living on one of the smallest islands was an ancient mage named Komos. Komos watched over the people of Mynos and did his best to protect them. He used his magic to protect their ships and to try to ward off terrible storms. He was always careful to do this unseen by those of Mynos. As the day of the festival approached Komos looked to the sky and noticed the approach of a shooting star. A star that burned brighter and streaked longer than any he had ever seen before. What was worse it seemed to be heading strait for the island chain he called home.

A Komos flew up towards the shooting star a wave of horror swept over him as he was the first to witness the a being of pure terror. The creature was unlike any he had ever encountered. It was as large as a small island. Its wings seemed to glow of elemental fire. It was a creature out of legend, a creature supposedly born of elemental fire, pure magic, and the very hand of death itself. Its name was Helios, the first and oldest of the race of red dragons, the most powerful and the most evil.

As the people of Mynos enjoyed the festival many noticed the approach of the fiery star. As the people watched pure chaos erupted around them. The sky erupted in a fiery maelstrom. Helios hovered above breathing hellfire so intensely hot it melted stone. Many could make out a figure that stood before the great wyrm. Most of the fire of Helios was absorbed by an invisible barrier. A spell battle commenced the likes of which the world has never seen since. Panic erupted amongst the people of Mynos. Helios tiered of exchanging spell with the piddling human that sought to thwart his evil. He paused and drew forth all of his power into one last spell that would be the end of all that would stand before him. Komos sensed the delay of the wyrm and knew that he had but one last chance to stop his evil might form destroying his beloved people. He to drew forth all of his power and cast his most potent counter spell.

The spells issued forth simultaneously and collided in mid-air. The wyrm was sent flying off exhausted and critically injured. The mixed magic poured forth with the taint of chaos warping all it touched. Komos was believed to have been killed in the blast. Those that the spell affected were changed forever. They now had horns protruding from their heads, cloven hooves for feet and thick fur covering much of their bodies. Helios never returned to the islands, many believed that there is a magical rift the bars him, others believe that it is the watchful spirit of Komos that keeps the wyrm away.

The people of Mynos integrated the new species into their culture, the species they named Minotaurs. Years of rebuilding later the people of Mynos sailed away from their home leaving friends and loved ones behind. The strength of their new companions was quite welcome on the hard journey. The Paradise after 2 long years finally found land. Over the years the Minotaurs spread throughout the land and prospered. The Minotaur are highly prized as guardsmen because of their combination of sharp intellect and brute strength along with their sense of honor.

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