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“What was that, You asked about Pittsburgh? Well you have been useful so I will tell you. You heard correctly, quite a few Kindred have decided to go to the city to help reclaim it for the Camarilla. However I assure you every one has their own agenda for actually traveling there. Some are returning after years of being away, other’s are looking to establish themselves in Pittsburgh as it is a very open market at this time. I have even heard rumors of lost treasures, forgotten during Pittsburgh’s chaotic past. You see this city has been at war or at best a chaotic blend of different ideals and creatures in the going on twenty years since Prince Constantine first claimed Praxis…. My apologies, I am rambling child. Why were you asking about Pittsburgh again? Oh Why yes I am headed that way, but my reasons are my own. You wish to travel with me? I suppose that could be beneficial, though as it clearly more beneficial to you Our society dictates a Minor boon would be appropriate. Now go prepare child we shall see what opportunities the Steel City presents itself with soon enough.”

2019 Season

Posted by St#7  on 28 Jan : 00:02  Category: Misc

The Schedule as follows for the 2019 season;

First Event of the Year. Saturday March 2nd, Location The Beacon Hotel. 231 Beacon Rd, Renfrew, PA 16053, Check in starts promptly at 12pm. Game after check in.

Second Event of the Year. Saturday July 20th, Location Slippery Rock Park. 320 N Main St, Slippery Rock, PA 16057, Check in starts at 11:00 am. Game starts at Noon.

Third Event of the Year. Rock-Con: Slippery Rock, Location Camp Buccoco, 150 Buccoco Ln, Slippery Rock, PA 16057 Dates Nov. 1st and Nov. 2nd.

Check Warhorn site for Con Registration, COSVAMP Check in opening at 2 game starts at 6:00 pm and runs to 11:00 pm Friday. Game Starts at Noon on Saturday and Runs to 11:00 pm.


You Must Register for the Convention to Play in our first Multi-day event in years.
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Second Game

Posted by St#7  on 30 Aug : 22:40  Category: Misc

I hope everyone has had a great Summer. We are very excited to start the second half of our 2018 season. We will be playing September 29th at Slippery Rock Community Park. 320 N Main St, Slippery Rock, PA 16057
Check in will begin at 11:00 am. While we love enthusiasm and to see you are just as excited as we are for game, please do not show up on site before the listed check in time. The Staff is planning on arriving at a certain time, and need time to set up. Once on site please check in and do not talk about in game stuff until you have your character sheet blood and willpower. Remember as per our house rules anything you say regarding game (I.E. I killed so and so) is considered in game and anyone who hears it knows in game now. Game will begin at noon and run until evening. We look forward to having a great time, and hope to see you all there.
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First new game of 2018

Posted by davie  on 28 Jan : 22:13  Category: Misc

The first new COSVAMP game of 2018 will be April 21st from 11:00am until 7pm
Had to adjust times an hour, but game will be held at Camp Bucoco 150 Bucoco Ln, Slippery Rock, PA, 16057. Hope to see you all there.

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Posted by davie  on 11 Jan : 21:47  Category: Misc

Multiple Sabatt packs have taken the city of Pittsburgh. These Sabatt packs that have united here are different then any we have come across. It seems they have three distinct grounds. And have accumulated some amount of influence within the city.

Don't get us wrong they have been thriving in the chaos that is Pittsburgh right now. A group of elders have stepped forward to reclaim this city for the Camarilla. Volos being as influential as he was was able to hold a unique utopia as it were, and even brought long lost families back into our fold. Though after Volos, this city was a powder keg waiting to explode. The Salubri have shown their true colors and have laid a contested claim to a Camarilla city. If we have learned anything from this it is that strong families can accomplish anything.

If you are reading this then someone in high standing within the Camarilla feels you or your Sire would be very beneficial in reclaiming this city for the Camarilla. We shall meet soon gather what you can, heed this call and let's restore this city before it becomes a Sabatt haven for good.

((All questions, comments, or concerns should be directed to -email-))
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