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GASPcon 13, Nov 9th-11th (Pittsburgh)
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Mon Oct 22 2012, 07:20a.m.
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There is only 1 week left to pre-register for GASPcon 13. All player and event registration ends October 28th. This week is your last chance to sign-up for those events you want to play, and also save $10 off the price of on-site registration.

GASPcon will once again be located at the Best Western Inn at the Parkway Center Mall. Dates are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday November 9th, 10th, and 11th. Doors will open at noon on Friday, and the gaming will continue nonstop until we close Sunday night at 8PM.

As of today, we have 120 games scheduled over the course of the weekend. That plenty of RPG, board, card, and miniature games to keep you busy the whole weekend. There are still plenty of games with open spots left, and you can always get on the waiting list for that full game, in case someone else is a no-show.

Be sure to visit our Warhorn site to complete your registration and payment.

If you can’t decide just yet if you want to spend the money for the con, we have a very liberal refund policy. Just send e an e-mail prior to the convention, and I will issue your refund. On-site weekend pricing jumps to $35 at the convention, so save that $10 and register today.

GASPcon 13 Highlights

--- Special Guest ---
The Anticole Brothers of Eye Level Entertainment will be returning to GASPcon on Sunday to show off some of their newest products.

--- Special Events ---
GASPcon Silent Auction:
This year we will be holding several auctions throughout the convention starting Saturday morning. If you are looking to make a little cash or clear out some closet space bring your gaming related items to the con. There are a few details you should know so click HERE for complete details.

--- GASPcon now accepts Credit Cards ---
Last year we partnered with Square, and were able to accept credit card payments throughout the convention. It was a huge success and GASPcon will continue to accept on-site credit card payments for registration, the silent auction, and food purchases (see below).
Payments for snacks will be also be accepted, in the form of a Snack Attack card. These pre-paid cards can be purchased at the registration desk, and we will hole-punch the card for each drink or snack you get. These were also a huge success at the convention last year, as it freed up both the attendees and staff from dealing with cash food transactions.

--- RPGA ---
Various Heroic tier and Paragon tier Living Forgotten Realms mods have been added. Path Finder Society mods have been added. Contact Eric Kiefer at if you wish to volunteer to run Living Forgotten Realms or Path Finder Society.

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