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SIBCON Game suggestions
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Collin Stover
Sun Aug 31 2014, 09:35p.m.
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I am going to be attending the upcoming SIBCON, I'm looking for suggestions on what I should play. I am not too experienced with tabletop games ( only having really played 4th edition D&D ). I also attend Quest every now and again. I am looking for board/tabletop games that are good for beginners and easy to get into, any suggestions are appreciated.

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Ron R
Tue Sep 02 2014, 07:17a.m.
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Any of the "Living" campaigns love to welcome new players, and usually offer help to create a character (look for a Welcome game or just ask any of the players). Once you make and understand a character, you keep that character for future games. These games are:

Fantasy games-
COSWorld games,
D&D Next Adventurer's League,
Living Forgotten Realms (LFR is going away due to D&DNext)

Shadowrun Missions (kind of like a future version of a D&D world)
Star Wars Living Galaxy

COSVamp - If you prefer LARPS it has very easy game mechanics and you get grouped with players to help you get into the game

For board games, Wynner's Circle Games is running a tournament at the convention. I'd give it a try.
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Tue Sep 02 2014, 08:27a.m.
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Both the new 5E and the Pathfinder have introductory characters (or pregens available).

5E is the newest and you'll most likely be sitting with a lot of new players.

Pathfinder (PFS) is more mature based upon 3.5 but has a much wider diversity in play if you like living campaigns.
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