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GASPcon 15, Nov 14-16 [Pittsburgh, PA]
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Mon Oct 13 2014, 12:12p.m.
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Just tossing this out...

What:: GASPcon 15
Where:: Clarion Hotel & Conference Center (soon to be Crowne Plaza)
When:: November 14th through 16th

Player pre-registration and event sign-ups are now open, through November 4th.

GASPcon is entering its 15th year, and we are celebrating by continuing with a 3rd day of gaming (Friday) that we started several years ago. Even better, pre-registration prices are just $30 USD for the entire weekend. GASPcon runs 24hrs a day from opening till close (6pm on Sunday). We will also continue to accept credit card payments at the convention through Square. The hotel has a block of rooms reserved, so be sure to contact them to get our rate.

To register for the convention and to see a preliminary event list, go to the following link. Warhorn works differently than in past years, now you just register once for Warhorn, then you can select as many events as you want, using the single registration. Of course, each event must be paid for separately if they require payment (like GASPcon). If you already registered and paid for the con, your account will be ready for event sign-up at noon today.

Registration will remain open for GM submissions and Player/Event sign-ups until Sunday November 4th

Board games will be running all weekend long, and with our extensive and free board game library, you can check-out a different game every time you sit down to play. There will also be a board game demo team on-hand to teach you how to play several select games donated to the club by retailers.

There is also a mix of Role-playing games running throughout the weekend. There are both independent publisher games, as well as your favorite D&D and Star Wars RPGs. The RPGA will also be running Living FR all weekend long, with first-run events for the living campaign.

Your favorite CCG's will also get some play, with several Magic events being held.

We had an explosion of miniature event submissions this year, so there are many other events scheduled throughout the weekend, including Frag-A-Rama, You Sunk my Battleship (AA War at Sea), Infinity, Sergeants Miniature Game, X-Wing, and Sails of Glory. GASPcon 15 will see the return of the outstanding Classic BattleTech Poker Run on Saturday, where the object is to collect poker cards by killing your opponents, and the winner is the player with the best hand.

Sunday is the featured Signature Miniatures Event, which this year will be the long awaited Robotech Tactics game. 10 players will battle on and over Macross Island, as the Zentradi and UDF struggle for control of the precious Protoculture!

Note – We continue to receive new event submissions and will be posting RPGA events in the coming weeks so remember to check the registration site for updates.

Return of the Silent Auction
The silent auction returns again for GASPcon 15. Whether you are a buyer or seller, you'll find plenty going on with the auction. See the following thread for full details. A tentative schedule is listed below (subject to change).

Auction 1 – Fri 2PM – 6:30PM
Auction 2 - Sat 8:30AM - 1:30 PM
Auction 3 - Sat 2PM - 6:30 PM
Auction 4 - Sun 8:30AM - 12:30 PM
Payout Sunday 7:30 PM

Registration Fees
Pre-registration (through Nov 4th)
$30 Full Weekend (Knights $22.50)
$10 Friday only (Knights Free)
$15 Sat Only (Knights $11.25)
$15 Sun Only (Knights $11.25)

$40 Full Weekend (Knights $30)
$15 Friday only (Knights Free)
$25 Sat Only (Knights $20)
$20 Sun Only (Knights $15)

You can find out more about GASP and GASPcon at

***Reminder*** In order to sign up for events you must send in your PayPal payment before your account will be cleared.

See you at the con!

Don McCalmon

Convention Information::
GASPcon @ Clarion Hotel & Conference Center (soon to be Crowne Plaza)
Address: 401 Holiday Drive, Pittsburgh, PA, US, 15220
Phone: (412) 922-8100

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Mon Oct 27 2014, 11:53p.m.
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For those interested the venue has been changed to the Monroeville Convention Center.
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