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2016 COS Rulebook Files Updated & Prestige System
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Sun Jun 12 2016, 06:20p.m.

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The rulebook files have been uploaded.

The Prestige System will take effect in July to give players and Plot time to understand and incorporate it into their roleplaying interaction and plotlines.

The Prestige System WILL change and expand as it continues to be playtested through gameplay, and what is provided for Titles are not the 'final' list. We have provided some baseline Titles to reflect the lower and upper ends of the point scale, as well as some primary Titles that would be present in the realm.

It is irrelevant that more or less Titles were provided for Fighters, Rogues, Spellcasters, Alchemists, Monks, etc. We did not want to flood the list with meaningless ones, and you should feel free to submit ones that you desire.

As the players, you are welcome to submit additional Titles to the Rules Committee for approval. Other approved Titles may be given out by Plot.

The main guideline is that the Title should make sense for our realm in regards to the ROLEPLAYING impact the trait might have (for example among similar 'social circles' or the general populace of the realm).

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