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Wall of Ice/Earth vs Force Burst
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Sun Jul 28 2019, 02:18p.m.
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What happens when a 7th level Wall of Earth/Ice is inside the area of a 13th level Force Burst? Does the wall stay standing? Does the wall prevent the individuals being pushed from moving further? Also, regardless of whether they are stopped or not, does the individual take damage when they hit the wall (or any other solid object)? And if so does that damage remove the 100 stun caused by the Force Burst?

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Sun Jul 28 2019, 05:23p.m.
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*** not officially a rules member so this is just my opinion***
In the spell description, it stats the spell is from the caster so not a thrown spell pack. It also stats if the targets hit a solid object, they stop. I would say they still take the 100 stun but don’t take damage from hitting the obstacle. It also stats that the targets are pushed away from the caster in all directions not just the direction you want them to go.

This Offensive Spell forces all targets within a 20 foot radius of the caster directly away from the caster through the air with a powerful concussive force. The targets are forced to the edge of the 20 foot radius and are knocked to the ground. If an object blocks the path of the target away from the caster, the target stops at the point of impact into that obstacle. The caster drops a spell packet, calls a Hold, and all targets must go quickly to the edge of the effect. Upon landing, each target is knocked to the ground (unless a target has Perfect Balance) and takes 100 points of Stun damage. Once all targets are in position at the edge of the effect radius, the caster calls a resume.

As far as the 7th level wall in the area effect...
We already have level 10 and lower spells that specifically State that they drop if a level 11 or higher spells hit it. Walls do not state that so imo they would still stay up. However I’m not sure what my opinion is on if that solid wall takes 100 points of stun from a level 13 force burst 7 times in a row as the walls do have 700 hit points.

Just my .02
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Mon Jul 29 2019, 09:05a.m.

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Really nothing happens and the Wall remains standing. The Wall is permanent unless dispelled, and the Force Burst wouldn't dispel it. The wall acts like any tree, normal wall, or other obstacle that would stop a target from proceeding past it.

The target doesn't take any damage from striking an object, Wall or otherwise, only the 100 stun from the Force Burst. Therefore, the target still suffers 100 stun and the stun damage isn't removed by hitting the Wall.

The Wall would also be unaffected since they aren't damaged by stun damage, only real damage.

Just to include the damage walls, a target *would* pass through the Air/Fire/Acid wall and take damage normally.

If the Wall was from a non-friendly source, the stun damage would be removed after passing through the wall. If the Wall was from an allied source, then the stun damage is not removed, even though it wasn't the target's choice to go through the wall. Seems a little odd, but that's just how the Stun damage works currently in regards to being unable to remove it via friendly sources.
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Mon Jul 29 2019, 01:51p.m.
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Thanks, that all makes sense. I guess I was thinking of the wall as a spell and not as an object and was expecting that a 13th level spell would have more of an impact to a spell of nearly half it's level, even if that just meant the target striking the object took 20 points of damage (as per falling damage of equivalent disagree, hence the damage questions)

But, fair enough and good to know for the future.
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