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Training Costs
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Adam Learn
Fri Oct 25 2019, 11:27a.m.
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I am preparing my new character for next season and I am unsure if Taking levels in a class takes training Costs. Do they cost the training costs in the book or not?

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Fri Oct 25 2019, 12:18p.m.
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Anything >5 points will incur a fee. Since classes start at 6pts for level 1 there are no free lunches for class leveling. You have to pay the whole way up.

5 Skill Points or less no cost
6 Skill Points - 50 cp
7 Skill Points - 75 cp
8 Skill Points - 100 cp
9 Skill Points - 125 cp
10 Skill Points - 150 cp
11 Skill Points - 175 cp
12 Skill Points - 200 cp
13 Skill Points - 250 cp
14 Skill Points - 300 cp
15 Skill Points - 400 cp
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Tue Oct 29 2019, 01:37p.m.
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I can't find it in the Rulebook anywhere, but I don't think that you pay training costs for the first 50 points. Otherwise, no starting characters could even afford level 1 with their starting 30 copper.
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Tue Oct 29 2019, 02:09p.m.

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Correct on 6 points and up costing money, regardless of the skill/level.

Also correct, new characters never pay for any skills on their first build, regardless of the points (50, 54, 62, etc.). It'd be a pain to track the split on what's 50 and what isn't. And we're not going to penalize newer players that NPC for awhile or attend the cons to end up with more starting points. And you'll always start with 30 copper.

The first time you PC though, it's 'locked in'. Even if you change your points around, you're limited to copper back/spent but otherwise have fair flexibility until 100 points.

Finally, if you transfer from another LARP, I usually give about 3 events to play and reshuffle stuff without much penalty.
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Wed Oct 30 2019, 08:16a.m.
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Idea: Should training costs for folks who NPC for a certain number of events + be free for their PC return? That might encourage folks to NPC for longer stretches in order to run more complicated plot made better by better continuity.
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Wed Oct 30 2019, 11:41a.m.

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We've discussed several points around the different circumstances that have occurred. Some players use the 50 pt flex to buy up an occupation, while others NPC for a stretch while they change their character via major character change, buying up occupations to stock up production points for cash.

As we look at next year and encouraging plot planning and write-ups (i.e. 1. tell us what you want to do, 2. do it, 3. write up how it went), we have considered that among some options to do so.

Yes, always worth considering.
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