Mar 25 : 17:06 posted by Lucas 
Thanks to everyone for a great first virtual con, COS VCON! It's definitely a first attempt so also thank you for bearing with us!

We at COS wanted to say a hearty "Thank you!" to everyone that had stepped up to run and/or coordinate events all weekend! I think the feedback was been pretty positive overall, which mostly means you all have provided a really great experience for the players, so seriously thank you everyone, great work!

Also thanks to all the players that came from far and wide! We hope you had a great time!
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Jan 05 : 15:01 posted by Lucas 
While we continue to feel the impact of COVID restrictions on gathering, we wanted to provide an area for our gamers to find each other online, as well as join communities on different gaming platforms.

This is just a rough start, but if you'd like to see something added please send us a PM here or message us through Facebook!

COS Gaming Online Facebook Group



BoardGameGeek & Affiliates

If there's others you'd like to see, let us know!

There are also Gamer Tag / SN fields in your site profile as well, so feel free to update them until we find a suitable format for easier networking.
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Jun 08 : 07:38 posted by Lucas 
Well, the bad news is we’re canceling Coscon 2021 but the good news is we will try to have a virtual con that weekend. This will be our first attempt at a virtual con so please be nice. We’ll unofficially call it COS VCON 2021 so we can keep the in-person cons in numerical order.

The plans so far are to have sign-ups on Warhorn, use Discord for the audio, and mostly use Roll 20 and Tabletop Simulator. That is the recommended, but anything else the GM wants to use is fine. Just make sure you state what you are using in the description so the players know.

We’re assuming most of the games will be Pathfinder Society, D&D 5th Edition (Adventurers League), and Tabletop games but we’re open to more.

We’ll need GM’s as always and you can either run your own or we will make Pathfinder/Adventurers League games available if you want to run those.

We are new to this even after running 50+ cons over 30 years so suggestions are welcome.

We are not charging for the event but would recommend you make a donation to Warhorn since they make a lot of this possible.

If you have questions, issues, words of wisdom, etc. Please send them to

Thanks in advance for your interest and additional information will be coming.

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