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There is still 1 COS VAMP event left this year. If you're interested in participating - please try out the game at one of these events:

*10/23/10 Butler Library event: 10 AM to 4 PM

Look under the COS LARPs link, find us at http://circleofswords.com/vampire/news.php or email vampire@circleofswords.com for more information!
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Feb 10 : 20:01 posted by Lucas 
Pre-registration discount ends March 5th!
March 19-21, 2010

It's shambling your way!
(Special Edition Zombie Convention T-Shirt design courtesy of George Vrbanic of Infinite Images)

Days Inn, 139 Pittsburgh Road, Butler, PA, 16001
(724) 287-6761
Be sure to make your reservations soon to get the convention rate!

Registration is still open, and you can register online, by mail, and on-site for a discount. Pre-registration discounts are available until March 5th, so if you know you're coming, register now!

The following links might be helpful:
COS Main Site (Online Reg to register online)
COSCON Info Page
PayPal Shopping Cart
Events @ warhorn.net/cosconxxii
(once you've registered)

RPGA & COS Living Campaigns:
Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed RPGA 'The Paladin's Plague' Battle Interactive (con-exclusive)
Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed RPGA Scenarios & Special Events
Special Introduction to the New Dark Sun Living Campaign
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
GURPS Supers


Larger Miniature Events:
Warhammer 40k 1750-pt RTT (5th Ed)
Warmachine/Hordes mixed 35pt Tournament
Disposable Heroes WWII
The Sword & The Flame NorthEast Africa
Check Your 6! WWII Aerial Combat
Star Wars Starship Battles/Miniatures Mixed megabattles
Legends of the Old West Warhammer Historical

Other Events:
3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars
Warhammer Roleplay
Hammer of the Scots

Charity Raffles, Game Vendors, and more!

If anyone would like additional information, please email cons@circleofswords.com or visit our website!
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