Jan 13 : 17:33 posted by Ron R 
Below is the 2009 Vampire LARP event schedule:

Next Event: COSCON 2010 - Days Inn

Site: Butler Public Library
Hours: 10:30am game start - 4:00pm game wrap
(We need to be out by 4:30)
Site information: Site may close early if weather is bad.

Site: Days Inn
Hours: Convention slots listed below

Friday: Evening
Saturday: Afternoon & Evening
Sunday: No game play, wrap session at noon for best roleplayer vote

Site: Alameda Park - Jaycees Shelter
Hours: 10:30am game start - 6pm game wrap

Event will be a picnic event, players are welcome to bring and share food
No Alcohol at this site (or any event)
Glass containers are prohibited in the park

Please visit http://www.circleofswords.com/vampire or email to vampire@circleofswords.com for more information.
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Dec 13 : 19:33 posted by Lucas 
The following events have been scheduled for the 2009 Season:

Next COS Quest LARP Event: November 13-November 15, 2009!
  • Where (OOG): Camp Bucoco
  • Where (IG): TBA
  • Who's Running: Plot Rotation 2
  • PC/Pre-Pay Cost: $20
  • NPC Cost: $10

Upcoming Workdays:

    Next Upcoming Events:

      Plus, if you like Quest, and you want it to stick around longer than the end of 2009, please check these two Forum posts to learn how to do your part and make things run smoothly!

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