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Character Creation

Character Creation:

A starting character begins with 50 skill points to buy various skills and weapons. All of the available skills are described in the COS Quest rulebook, but some examples include languages, occupation levels, skill levels to add damage to weapons or increase spellcasting abilities, etc.

What type of character do you want to play? Quest offers four main Classes of Fighter, Rogue, Natural and Astral Spellcaster. You can further tailor your character by choosing one of over 15 Professions, including Battlerager, Knight, Ranger, Undead Hunter Bounty Hunter, and more!

Make your character stand out in the crowd by picking one of our 13 different Races. Play one of the more common races throughout game systems, such as a Human, Elf or Dwarf; or one of the more unique races, such as Kenku (bird-like), Furbin (cat-like), Gnoll (dog-like), or a minotaur, half-ogre, barbarian and more! We've got something for everyone!

Beginning with your first event, you will gain more 'experience points' (more commonly referred to as Skill Points in Quest) that you can use to advance your character.

  • 2 Skill Points - One Day Event
  • 4 Skill Points - Three Day Event
  • 6 Skill Points - Four Day Event

How do you assign points once you have attended a few events? See Character Changes!

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