News Item: COSCON XXI 2009 Price Increase
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Posted by Lucas
Monday, Nov 24 2008 - 19:59:23

For the first time in...well, we honestly can't remember how long it's been!...but it's long overdue that we will have to slightly increase the registration rates for COSCON and 2009.

While the overall registration fees have increased for both on-site and pre-registration, the price breakdown is a little more reasonable than in prior years, specifically Friday and Sunday one-day rates. This will help offset those pesky operating costs that have increased over the near-decade that our rates have remained the same!

Please remember there is still a discount for pre-registering by two weeks prior to the convention (20%), as well as free admission for GMs running 3+ slots/12+ hours. There are now also one-day GM benefits available, as well! (One-day Visitor badges, Vendor prices, and other event fees have remained the same!)

March 13-15, 2009
Days Inn, Butler, PA

RPGA Events, RPGs, Miniature Gaming, LARPs, LAN Gaming, RPGA, LARPs, LAN & Other Events will be posted soon on, so submit them online or via mail now!

Please also note that enforcement of our long-standing policies will be stressed more this year; most notably the pre-registration deadline of Friday, February 27th, 2009 and the need to display your COSCON convention badge in all convention areas and while playing events!

To find out more, please keep checking our information page for COSCON 2009

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