The Duchy of Allwyn


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The Duchy of Allwyn
Founded in the 51st year of the Age of Light
Acting Ruler: Duke Malcolm von Ghering

Capitol City: Gallock

The Baronies of the Duchy
Barony of Northgate - Blue
    Under the leadership of the young Baroness Melissa, Northgate has been rebuilding and restructuring since the last war. Picking up where Baron Aaron left off prior to leaving for Servosa, Baroness Melissa has focused on reestablishing defensible borders in order to protect her people against the dangers of the realm. Most of the adventures within the realm happen within the Barony of Northgate.

Barony of Servosa - Red
    Baron Micar Valier sees to the affairs of Servosa from the Capitol of Drekmoor. He succeeds Baron Aaron, once Baron of Northgate, who famously spent his time in Servosa trying to repair the damage caused by the former Baron Silverpenny, who allied with Duke von Ghering during the last few inter-Barony wars.

Barony of Tomicia - Green
    Duke Malcolm von Ghering leads this Barony, and in fact the Duchy as a whole if only in title, from the capital city of Gallock. Manipulative and reclusive, the Duke is not comfortable with the constant influx of demihumans and contaminating contact with the "savage" Tribal Races. Held in check by the combined alliance of the two other Barons because of the recent Barony Wars, Duke von Ghering does not openly dabble in the affairs of Northgate or Servosa and is left to govern little more than his own Barony of Tomicia.

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