The History Of The Realm

The History of the Realm of Allwyn


1/16/1013 Age of Light: A new year is dawning as the adventurers make their way to Tankard. Long exiled from their homes, the dwarves of Tankard use a strange celestial phenomenon and chilling winter conditions to strike at their dark brethren holding their undermountain mines and kingdom. While the dwarves attacked below ground, the adventurers guarded the surface settlement amidst a meteor storm, arctic creatures lead by an ice hound from the past, and various residents of the Hammerfall Mountains, including a lich and its minions. With the aid of the adventurers, the dwarves were able to reestablish their control on Tankard and work on rebuilding their lives again.

2/13/1013 Age of Light:
TBA (Plot Group 1) Stonecliff Pass, Shire of Ankwood

4/16/1013 Age of Light:
TBA (Plot Group 2)

5/28/1013 Age of Light:
TBA (Plot Group 3) Freehaven, Shire of Hero's Reach

6/18/1013 Age of Light:
TBA (Plot Group 1)

7/17/1013 Age of Light:
TBA (Plot Group 2 One-Day)

8/13/1013 Age of Light: Traveling to the town of Fallen Oak, located within the Shire of Rawlinswood, the adventures aided the renowned woodworkers and lumberjacks of the Shire. The joined forces repelled a group of hostile Wood Elves, who were raiding across the border and preventing the residents of Rawlinswood from practicing their trade.

For their assistance, the adventurers gained the good graces of the Owen Carlsget (who has come to aid the people of the Freehold on several occasions), as well as his brother Lord Siegfried Carlsget, acting Lord of the Shire of Rawlinswood.

9/3/1013 Age of Light:
TBA (Plot Group 3)

10/15/1013 Age of Light:
TBA (Plot Group 1)

11/12/1013 Age of Light: The adventures traveled into danger! Giants and Ogres, fleeing from something in the northern mountains, headed southward, which threw the Northern Border of Northgate into turmoil.

Thus, when the adventurers arrived in the far northeastern Shire of Whitehorn to offer their assistance, they found what kind of creature could chase away so many Giants and Ogres from their mountainous homes: An ancient earth elemental spirit which proved far beyond their ability to stop.

The adventurers eventually discovered a cave painting depicting a method used many years ago to imprison the spirit involving a specially crafted long spear, now broken into pieces around the region. Dealing with the many conflicting Barbarian Tribes ruling the area, gathering the long spear pieces and recrafting it, and summoning the courage to battle an invincible foe, the adventurers rallied to defeat the ancient elemental spirit and its earth elemental minions and set things right again.

With winter setting in and the troubles within the mountains put to rest, the adventurers departed so the army of Northgate could focus on driving the marauding Giants and Ogres back to their own lands.

Meanwhile in Battice, as the adventures defeated the earth spirit, an army of thugs, humanoids, and Giants moved into the Freehold of Battice. Capturing the populace and turning the town into their base, the army dug in firmly while their leaders awaited the arrival of an artifact with the power to create gates to other Planes. Within an hour of the defeat of the earth spirit, the army in Battice activated the artifact. Slowly it began to gain power as the Year 1015 steadily approached...

11/27/1013 Age of Light:
TBA (Plot Group 1-One Day)

1014 Age of Light...

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