The History of the Realm of Allwyn


1028 Age of Light:

His Majesty Ramses of Houses Woode and Vingoe, Heir of all Hadran, both above and below, King of Allwyn, Shield of His People has decreed on the 26th of May 1028 the following laws to be his own. To be followed by all subjects within his realm, including Tomicia, Northgate, Servosa, and Waypoint.

Assault on a non-hostile subject of the Crown

Murder of a subject of the Crown

Aiding and Abetting Fugitives


Malicious Accusations

Bribery of an Official in sworn Service to the Crown

Failure to Pay Fines/Failure to Complete Proscribed Legal Punishment

Assault on Nobility or a Public Official in service to the Crown

Affecting the Mind of an Arbiter/Magistrate/Other Official in service to the Crown while
performing his duties


Accepting Bribes

Murder of Nobility or Public Official in sworn service to the Crown

It remains the right of landed nobility to enforce additional laws as required to create law and justice within their lands.

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