Heraldry Of The Realm

There are many lands and peoples within the Kingdom of Allwyn. Each faction bears symbols used to signify their allegiances, rank and social standings, ancestry, etc.

Here are some of the crests of the Kingdom of Allwyn, its Baronies, societies, and neighboring lands, as well as a brief history of how some crests have changed throughout history as the balance of power has shifted in the Realm.

The Barony of Northgate
Under the leadership of Governor Rodrick Holland and General Boden Stormwatcher in the capitol city, Stormhaven, Northgate has been plunged into a shadow of suspicion and distrust. Many of it's numerous shires have collapsed or been condensed to conserve the power of those in charge.

The Barony of Servosa
Old alliances and antidemihuman sentiments still run strong amongst the six Royal Houses of Servosa, though Half-Orcs still provide brute strength to keep the other races outside the borders. The capitol city of Drekmoor is patrolled by a great navy.

The Barony of Tomicia
Once the seat of power of the Duchy, this Barony comprises the southeastern border of Allwyn. The capital city of Gallock houses a great library and is home to the Bardic College.

Societies of Allwyn
These are organizations and soceities of note throughout Allwyn.

Neighboring Lands
The neighboring lands inside and surrounding Allwyn feed on and from the Duchy.

The Underdark
What is known of the denizens of the Underdark.

NOTES: For submitting your own Heraldry for approval, please keep these points in mind when you are creating your Crests:

  • Lords typically have shields as crests, while Ladies typically have diamond crests.

  • Crests of Shire Lords with a military background and ranking have more elaborate and decorative designs.

  • Heraldry for Armigers (a Human racial kit) must be 6 inches wide by 6 inches long.

Changes in History and Heraldry

Downloadable Heraldry Sheet

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