Heraldry of the Realm

The Heraldry of the Barony of Northgate

Shire: Barlow
Locations of note: New Hadran, Belenik, Battice, Hero's Reach/Rest

The Shire of Barlow comprises the western border of Northgate against the Hammerfall Mountains. The border with Servosa has long been contested and the borders have often been redrawn. It retaines its name from the previous shire Barlow in honor of the Ebon Ladyís historic victory over the rebellious forces in the Duchy.

Shire: Grandwood
Leader: Emil Argus
Locations of note: Ankh, Rawlinswood

The Shire of Grandwood contains some of the most heavily wooded areas in Northgate. Tales hold that some of the densest forests hold treasures not seen in 1000 years. Granwood has the support of the Carlsget and Baronet families as well as General Stormwatcher.

Shire: Cimbar
Leader: Lady Natasha Andune
Locations of note: Old Andune (Ruins of Andune)

The Shire of Cimbar marks the union of powerful and respected families and is symbolic of the bolstering of the troubled area. With the old town of Andune falling to ruin, the rise of the independent and breakaway town of Waypoint, and the conlict along the borders of both Servosa and Tomicia -- strength and stability are needed in the volatile region.

Shire: Narfell
Leader: Markus Kybo
Locations of note: Daggerford, Silverdale

The Shire of Narfell is a vital link in securing trade routes between the dwarves of Tankard and the gnomes of Nickery. Given the heavy commerce of both and the nearly wild land to the north, safe travel through Narfell is a necessity.

Shire: Whitehorn
Locations of note: Plains of Taras

The Shire of Whitehorn at the northern most border of Northgate extends the the foothils of the Kulderreach Range. With the Barony forces concentrated in the sothern regions, numerous barbarian chieftains have taken up the responsibilities of maintining order in the wilds of the north, but have greatly variing methods and ideals.

Shire: Stormhaven
Leader: General Boden Stormwatcher
Advisor: Holland
Locations of note: Tauron, Crescent

The Shire of Stormhaven has long been the seat of power in Northgate. As Crescent and Tauron were already military strongholds and home to multiple outposts, Storhaven is arguably the best defended region in the Duchy.

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