Heraldry of the Realm

The Societies of the Realm of Allwyn

Bardic College

Headquartered in Gallock, Tomicia, the Bardic College is the home to talented musicians, poets and thespians.

Music can be a powerful force, capable of bringing a happy person to tears, or a sleeping person to attention. Bards from the Bardic College in Gallock are world travelers whose tales and songs revive histories and retain traditions.

Diplomatic Corps of Allwyn

The Diplomatic Corps of Allwyn is the entire body of diplomats and emmesaries accredited to the Duchy. Initially founded for fostering relationships between the baronies, the corps now also handles many matters stemming from outside of Duchy.

Members of the Diplomatic corps have recently found that travel across the Duchy and the individual baronies has become increasing difficult.

Grey Wardens

The Grey Wardens are a group dedicated to defending the University of Stormhaven.

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