Heraldry of the Realm

The Neighboring Realms & Kingdoms of Allwyn

Dark Elf

Dark Elf Homeland: Underdark

Dark Elves, not to be confused with the baleful and rancourous Drow, have withdrawn from their surface cousins into their deep subterranean realm, where they often feud amongst themselves in a deadly cycle of hate and deceit. From the cavernous depths, they continually raid the surface, spreading fear of their existence and venting the hatred festering in their hearts.

Dark Elves have a reputation for being vicious, arrogant, and rather aloof, often looking down on surface dwellers (Elves in particular). They dislike bright sunlight and open places, feeling exposed and vulnerable due to living centuries underground. They are often fascinated with the power of destructive magic and with combat.


Dwarven Homeland: Tankard

Dwarves are stout (and usually stubborn) individuals that are at home in mines, caves, and mountainous regions. They enjoy hard work and have an uncanny dedication to any task undertaken. They are comfortable handling minerals and ores and usually know their way around a forge. For this reason, they are usually gruff and seem humorless at times, spending their lives with the stones and metal rather than socializing with other races.


Elven Homeland: Shallomar

Aside from the nobles, servants, and merchants one would encounter in most Elven cities and regions, the typical Elves encountered are the rare few that have chosen for one reason or another the hard life as an adventurer over the splendor of their Elven homelands. There are still many traits that are shared among the Elven kin, however, regardless of their place of origin.

Elves often have a deep connection to the things of Nature. They are concerned heavily with Magic, enjoying both the connection to Nature and its creatures through Natural Magic, as well as the studious aspects of Astral Magic.


Fae Homeland: Balis

Fae Folk are the many mysterious and mischievous creatures of the woodlands and of the Realm of the Fae, such as Faeries, Brownies, and Pixies. While many of the Fae Folk only briefly travel outside of their own Realm on rare occasions or during times of great imbalance between the two Realms, a rare few make more long-term journeys. Some seek a greater understanding of the world outside of the Faerie Realm, while others strive to right a wrong against the woodlands or its creatures.


Furbin Homeland: Oslot, Jen

Furbins are a Tribal Race of agile cat-like humanoids that are at home in the woods. They are very curious by nature, often focusing their attention (while it lasts) on curiosities and trinkets, though they are not necessarily occupied with material gain. They tend to not be very wise, but not necessarily stupid, simply failing to think through the consequences of their curious actions.

Furbins are fiercely independent and are very good fighters, though they prefer relaxation and comfort to the rigors of conflict. Though not necessarily outgoing, Furbins are very protective of the friendships they do form.


Gnoll Homeland: Nip, Oslot

Gnolls are a Tribal Race of dog-like humanoids that are usually friendly, sociable, and accepting of others. Gnolls take their duties very seriously and consider themselves very civilized, though not in a way that harms their natural surroundings. They have extremely keen senses and honed instincts and do not often misplace their trust.

Any large populations of Gnolls can usually be found near areas of strong Life energies, due to their close ties with Nature, or near hordes of Undead, of which the Gnolls have a deep-rooted hatred.


Gnomish Homeland: Nickery

Gnomes are a curious and inventive race. They tend to
pursue scholarly and creative activities, and they are
often masters in trades and Occupations. Gnomes are
known for their unfailing attention to detail and orderly
methods of thinking, choosing a logical (and usually
mechanical) solution to a problem.


Halfling Homeland: Stonecliff Pass

Halflings are a curious and mischievous race who do not fully consider the consequences of their impulsive actions. They are not generally aggressive however and are in fact quite personable, but they will fight when cornered or their friends are endangered. Halflings can usually be found where they do not belong, and since they tend to be small in size and stature, they sometimes seem to appear out of nowhere. Halflings seldom respect the "boundaries" of "personal property".

Half Ogres

Half Ogre Homeland: Bruk

The Half Ogre Tribal Race shares the habits and behaviors of their Ogre cousins. They are by far the strongest and the largest in stature of all the Character races. Some believe that Half Ogres are a result of a magical experiment gone awry, while others think it is from a union between Humans and Ogres. Asking for clarification is not recommended.

Half Orc

Half Orc Homeland: Northwestern Servosa, Kh'garik

Half-Orcs are a Tribal Race, combining the toughness of Orc breeding with brief flashes of Human cunning and intelligence. They can often prove to be rather brutal, having a "Might makes right" attitude.

The are many different factions, clans, and tribes of Orcs involved in a unending and chaotic struggle for power.


Human Homeland:

Humans make up the bulk of the humanoids within the region and the Duchy of Allwyn. The predominantly Human population makes up the majority of the nobility and political leaders of the region. Sometimes this has lead to war and persecution, which has threatened many times in the past to split the Duchy apart. Being the youngest of all the
races, Humans have chosen to mimic rather than develop, borrowing different aspects of their culture from other races.

Humans are divided further into major sects and iclude: Armigers, Barbarians, and Gypsies.


Kenku Homeland: Eagle's Loft

Kenku are a Tribal Race of bird-like creatures. They tend to like the open spaces and often dislike being indoors, especially in dark underground confines. They are usually adventurous and solitary, but will join with others when faced with tasks they cannot accomplish on their own.


Minotaur Homeland: Mynos

Minotaurs are a Tribal Race of large bull-like humanoids with fur covering much of their body. While the origins of the Minotaurs are still uncertain, their fearsome skill in battle is not. Pride and respect revolve around battle prowess, and their culture is built on both honor and bloodshed. Any tampering of these virtues is considered dishonorable, and violators of the rules of combat often find themselves in the gladiatorial pits, exiled, or worse. It is for these reasons that Minotaurs, though intelligent and very cultured, are still considered a Tribal Race in the eyes of other civilized races.


Reptilain Homeland: Southwestern Servosa, Keh-Aten

Reptilians are various creatures that are lizard-like in nature. The predominant culture of Reptilians is that of the Lizardmen Tribes, which is all but a remnants of an ancient kingdom, however other isolated Reptilian species exist, such as the Half-Dragons.

Lizardmen are a Tribal Race of creatures that dwell within the recesses of the swamplands. They tend to live in primitive conditions in only what nature affords them, viewing elaborate protection from the elements as a weakness and the crafting of items as a duty for the "inferior" races.

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