The Barony of Servosa

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The Barony of Servosa

Founded:51st year of the Age of Light
Acting Ruler: Baron Micar Valier
Capitol City: Drekmoor
Citizens: Largely Humans and Half-Orcs

Baron Micar Valier and his advisors see to the affairs of Servosa from the Capitol of Drekmoor. Much turmoil still lingers in Servosa from the last few inter-Barony wars.

Old alliances and hatreds still remain within the Royal Houses of Servosa, and young Baron Valier's road is long indeed.

The Barony of Servosa for many years was a thorn in the side of the Barony of Northgate. The Former Baron Silverpenny instigated two Barony Wars after climbing the ladder of leadership through deceit and treachery. Only after the last Barony War was Silverpenny ousted and Baron Aaron, formerly of Northgate, was able to take control of the post-war Barony government as part of the Peace Truce negotiations. Now Baron Aaron works closely with the Royal Houses to better govern the land. Old fires of resentment still burn, however, and the work has not been easy, especially with regards to the Elves and the Lizardmen.

The prior Barons of Servosa, aside from the current Baron Aaron, ruthlessly forced almost every demi-human race from within the borders, particularly the Elves. Most races fled rather than defend their homes, but the Lizardmen to the Southwest kept a firm grip on the swamplands, being more accustomed to the environment. Rather than risk a significant number of casualties, the Servosans chose instead to abandon the worthless land and establish a strict border defense.

Because of the harassment of the Elven Races, the Half-Orcs were able to form an uneasy alliance with the larger human population and rulership, due to their shared resentment of the Woodland Folk. The Half-Orcs proved to be a strong, ruthless weapon against the Elves, and the alliance flourished. Even today, factions within the Barony continue to hassle the Elven Kingdom of Shallomar (which Servosa has invaded in the past) to the Southeast, causing continious setbacks in Baron Aaron's work.

Baron Micar Valier, succeded Baron Aaron in 1023 AL

Six Royal Houses of Servosa:

House Jehannum

Acting Leader:
Lord Hergron Jehannum


House Nandor

Acting Leader:
Lord Nassic Nandor


House Sarangrave

Acting Leader:
Lord Hyram Sarangrave


House Shetra

Acting Leader:
Lady Elena Shetra


House Sindar

Acting Leader:
Lord Prothal Sindar

House Valier

Acting Leader:
Lord Micar Valier

Drekmoor, formerly Quistoria

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