The History of the Realm of Allwyn


5/25/1016 Age of Light:
Trading one powerful force of evil for another, the adventurers of the realm persuaded an ancient Death Knight to aid them in dealing a lethal blow to the organization known as The Purple Hand.

The power source of The Purple Hand was destroyed, it's heirarchy killed, and the majority of its members were banished to the Misty Vale.

A long-brewing regional border conflict on the western edge of the Barony of Northgate threatened to erupt into all-out war! After all communication between Donovan Barrington, Governor of the City of Makita, and Major Barbanik, Lord of the Shire of Belinik, came to a grinding halt, the Baroness was forced to intervene.

Since the leaders of the two factions could not come to terms on their own, the Baroness decreed each side would choose 5 emissaries from their nobles and prominent citizens to attend the summit and reach a resolution of peace. When the lead emissary of Belinik, Brian Smithington, turned up dead, though, negotiations were all but doomed from the start.

While many of the emissaries used the opportunity for personal gain or to implicate their rivals in the crime, it was eventually revealed that Melvin Rebar, also of Belinik, was the true murderer.

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