Mar 16 : 23:23 posted by Lucas 
We regret to inform you that we will be cancelling COSCON 2020and the April COS Quest LARP events this year due to the Corona Virus statewide precautions and the multiple concerns of our members. Currently the May 4-Day event is also at risk, but we will continue to monitor the situation and follow the statewide restrictions currently in place.

Please bear with us on refunds since it will be a long process to get all of them done. Luckily most of them are via PayPal so that should make it easier.

More details to follow, so please continue to check the site or join our Facebook groups for more information!
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SEP 16-18, 2022 - SIBCON XXVI
MAR 17-19, 2023 - COSCON XXXIII
SEP 22-24, 2024 - SIBCON XXVIII
MAR 22-24, 2024 - COSCON XXXIV

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