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COS is now offering two additional GM badge options for our conventions.

New Badges - Online/Pre-Reg Option Only:
* $25 GM Badge = Sign up to run 1 event and get $10 off the weekend pass
* $15 GM Badge = Sign up to run 2 events and get $20 off the weekend pass
* All other GM badge options still available for free admission

* Player must commit during online pre-registration and be signed up for posted events on Warhorn when registration closes (i.e. no backouts after reg closes)
* Pre-reg is required to ensure players can sign up for the event, and for organized play events it gives coordinators time to get you mods to be prepared onsite
* If the number of GM events do not match the badge fee, you must pay the balance at the door onsite
* As always, if you pay for any badge but end up GMing 3+ events onsite, we offer a badge refund
* As always, if events are scheduled/offered and the GM ready to run but does not due to player lack of interest, there are no drawbacks or reg fees to repaid

We hope these options encourage new members as well as thank current members who want to GM a slot or two. Every little bit of effort helps to promote the hobby for our membership, and we appreciate it!
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