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Board of Directors

Each year the membership elects a board of directors to oversee the conventions, LARPs, and other club business and events.

This five member panel meets bi-monthly and consists of a Guildmaster, Assistant Guildmaster, Scribe, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer / Scribe positions. These are 5-year term positions, with one seat up for election each year.

Members are eligible to vote in the annual election if they are active members as of June 30th of that year. Only active members can run for board positions and must notify the Guildmaster in writing of their intent to run for position(s) by August 31st. Ballots are mailed out September 1st and must be returned by September 30th unless otherwise stated on the ballot or announced on the website.

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Board of Directors
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MAR 22-24, 2024 - COSCON XXXIV
SEP 20-22, 2024 - SIBCON XXVIII
MAR 21-23, 2025 - COSCON XXXV
SEP 19-21, 2025 - SIBCON XXIX

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