The History Of The Realm

The History of the Realm of Allwyn


1004 - 07 AL: The seeds of the present war were planted. The alliance between Northgate nd Servosa was strong with both the Barons having a mutual respect for each other, but the nobles of Servosa started to die at an unnatural rate and the Baron of Servosa started having health problems. Since the Duke did not want the same problems in Northgate, he appointed three regents to help Baron Aaron of Northgate govern Northgate. One of these was Silverpenny of Servosa. When the Servosan Baron died, Aaron was called to Gallock to help choose a successor. During this period, one of the Regents of Northgate is killed leaving only Sabin as Regent when Silverpenny returns to Servosa. Silar Silak is then named as a second Regent. Aaron remains in Gallock to help the Duke as Silverpenny is named Baron of Servosa.

The first official act of the new Baron is to tear up the treaty with Northgate and then send exploratory forces into Northgate. When a agreement about the treaty cannot be made, an independent group from Shallomar is called to hear the dispute. When the Elven Council rules in the favor of Northgate, the Servosan armies attack Shallomar. Many elves are killed and many others flee into Northgate. The Duke then sends his Royal Guard into Shallomar as a peacekeeping force as the Servosan army withdraws.

About this time, other wars develop between the dwarves and the kenku (which is settled quickly), the dwarves and the dark dwarves, and the sahuagin and the lizardmen. The barbarians in the north then sign a treaty with Silverpenny. During this, clashes between Servosa and Northgate are common.

When Baron Aaron makes his return to Stormhaven, his caravan is attacked and destroyed and he is nowhere to be found. The Regents Sabin and Silar are blamed for the attack and both are branded as traitors and outlaws. When the duke sends peacekeepers into Stormhaven, the Northgate army under the Regents rebels against the Duke and the War begins.

Sabin is killed early in the conflict and Silar commands in the baron's name while on the run from the Duke. The Duke has the elemental houses watched and/or outlawed and Servosa sends peacekeepers at the request of the Duke into Northgate. Stormhaven falls after a long siege and fighting moves throughout Northgate. The war looked hopeless for Northgate as Battice fell and then Barlow fell to Servosa. The Duke shuts off the border with the furbin and gnolls and then invades the gnolls and furbin homelands during negotiations stating that they are helping Northgate against him.

The only bright spot for Northgate is even after a serious defeat, the Servosan army is beaten near Barlow and Makita and forced to retreat to Barlow for winter.

Using this victory as a catalyst during the winter, Northgate helps the dwarves and dark dwarves sign a treaty ending their war while getting aid from the dwarves. They are also able to get Tankard freed from the Servosans and build a cave and tunnel system back to Battice without the Servosans knowing. With a surprise attack on Barlow from the Northgate army, Silverpenny is forced to flee Barlow into Battice were he is captured by adventures and turned over to Silar. Servosan forces in disarray are attacked from all sides and suffer very high losses.

1008 Age of Light...

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