The History Of The Realm

The History of the Realm of Allwyn


1002 - 03 AL: A crazy gold robed mage with a staff with holes in it entered Barlow looking for gems to cover up the holes. At about the same time, a red robed female named Paristroika accompanied by a fighter, an undead leader called The Cryptmaster, and later the black dragon Jett made their presence felt in the area. Over time, the staff was completed and the mage was revealed to really be a Gold Dragon in human form. After the death of the Gold's mate, the silver dragon, Silverwing, at the hands of Paristroika, the Gold Dragon (with the help of local adventures, two mage brothers, and the unexpected help of the Cryptmaster) was able to banish her to another plane.

Later, Jett started converting lizardmen and dragon eggs to form a new army of Dragon-kin. With this new army, Jett ordered an attack against the Green Dragon, Vermillion. A town populated by her followers was completely destroyed with only one small baby surviving. Dragon blood was found in Vermillion's cave, but her body was not found.

The war in the caves under Battice appear to be over with the Cryptmaster now in control of the area. It seems the battle between the Emperor, Drow, and the Cryptmaster was going the Emperor's way until the adventures from Battice helped the Gold Dragon and the Overlords banish the Emperor back to were he came. The Overlords agreed to leave our plane to guard the gates to prevent the Emperor's return.

In the Battle of Two Dragons, the adventures of Barlow managed to defeat Jett and his allies. In a mysterious turn however, the Gold Dragon disappeared at the same time as Jett's death. It was reported that the Gold Dragon appeared to turn silver just prior to his disappearance. Only fine silver filings were found at the site of his disappearance.

If reports are to be believed, that same night a silver dragon appeared in the local Tavern with the entire Hall of Heroes. The dragon was said to be the Gold dragon combined with Jett and that his true name was 'Silvermane.' He stated that he and the Hall of Heroes were leaving this plane until their help was needed in the future. They have not been seen since and the heroes items have stopped functioning since their departure.

1004 Age of Light...

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