The Barony of Tomicia

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The Barony of Tomicia

Founded:51st year of the Age of Light
Acting Ruler: The Ebon Lady
Capitol City: Gallock

For years, Duke Malcolm von Ghering led this Barony, and in fact the Duchy as a whole if only in title, from the capital city of Gallock. Manipulative and reclusive, the Duke was not comfortable with the constant influx of demihumans and contaminating contact with the 'savage' Tribal Races.

Held in check by the combined alliance of the two other Barons because of the recent Barony Wars, Duke von Ghering did not openly dabble in the affairs of Northgate or Servosa and left to govern little more than his own Barony of Tomicia.

Since the loss of Baroness Melissa in 1024 A.L, the Matron Mother of the N'borleandi House, Known as the Ebon Lady, and her troops have remained in Gallock as a "stabilizing force."

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