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Character Changes:

The more COS Quest Events you attend, the more points you acquire. Below are listed the procedures for assigning unused points, as well as the restrictions on changing points once they have already been assigned.

Assigning Unused Skill Points:
Unusued Skill Points can be assigned in two ways. First, players can mark on their Character Sheets during Check-out at any COS Quest Event which Skills, Spells, etc. that they would like to buy.

Second, players can spend points using the Online Character Change page.

Changes cannot be made during Registration or during an event.

Also, be sure to check-out with enough money to cover any monetary cost associated with Skills that cost 6 Skill Points or more, as well as assigning Spells, etc. If you do not have all the materials, your character cannot be updated until the following event!

Changing Assigned Skill Points:
Players with less than 75 skill points can make changes to their character without any penalty, provided that they have the necessary money and skill points for the necessary skills.

Players with 75 to 100 Skill Points are limited to two unrestricted Character Change per year. Any additional changes are treated as additional Major Character Change outlined below. Additional Major Character Changes can be made, but for each one beyond the second, a Death is assigned to the Character (no stones
are pulled).

Players transferring to COS Quest from other LARPS:
Players may transfer some of their prior points in other LARPs into Quest (with COS Board approval), starting with a maximum of 100 skill points and 30 Talons (copper pieces). These players have several events to adjust to the rules system before their characters 'solidify.' After this time, they are subject to the conditions below for 'more than 100 skill point' character changes.

Players with more than 100 skill points (Minor):
Any player may make 50 Skill Points of changes per year. Any training costs assigned to those changes are lost.

Players with more than 100 skill points (Major):
Players with more than 100 skill points that wish to change more than 50 Skill Points per year run into slightly more complications. This is considered a major rules change and must follow a series of steps:

STEP 1: Determine your total weath from the copper total on your sheet, copper spent on skills and levels, scrolls in spellbooks, etc.

STEP 2: Halve your total skill points. This is now your current (temporary) skill point total and determines your level restrictions. These points are now used to create your character, provided you have enough copper. Any spells must be bought for your spellbook as well at 20 copper per level from Chapter 6 of the COS Quest Rulebook.

STEP 3: For each COS QUEST event THAT YOU PRE-REGISTER or ATTEND, you will get 'back' 100 points (plus the event points) up to your ACTUAL skill point total. i.e. 102 points for a one-day, 104 points for a weekend, etc.

Rules Changes:
Any Skill or Spell that the Rules Committee changes for the rules of COS QUEST for the fluidity and expansion of the game will not count towards these restrictions and can be dropped without penalty.

Any questions regarding COS QUEST character changes should be directed to

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