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Combat & Role Playing

Combat & Role Playing:


The combat in COS Quest events is kept fairly basic and safe.

COS Quest uses plumbing CPVC pipe covered with polyurethane foam padding and duct tape for weapons, while using small packets of bird seed as representations for distance spells. (These are referred to by players as spell packets or just spell packs for short.) Armor can be made of anything from hard or soft leather to chain or plate mail.

Overall, combat is point based. Weapons and some spells do certain point totals of damage, subtracting from a character's total armor and body points. Each combat, though, whittles your points away, and you have to get your body points healed or your armor fixed before it's too late!

For a more detailed outline of COS Quest, please start with the Introduction of the COS Quest Rulebook!

Role Playing

Don't worry, though! COS Quest is an interactive role-playing game as well, with other things to do other than fighting. It is, however, still based on your own abilities to do something. Even though you may have the skill to pick locks, you still must be able to do it. You have to be able to disarm that trapped box, or hit that monster with a weapon or spell to do damage to it. Use your wits, spells, or skills to avoid being poisoned, diseased, paralyzed, killed... or worse!

For more information on constructing Weapons, Armor, and Shields, consult Appendix C of the COS Quest Rulebook!

Feel up to the challenge? Then come to our next event and see if COS Quest is the medieval fantasy roleplaying game for you!

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