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Latex Weapons Guidelines & Restrictions
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Thu Apr 25 2013, 01:45a.m.

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After much evaluation, testing, and discussion with several manufacturers, COS will be permitting the use of latex weapons at COS Quest events.

The following is from the updated 2013 Quest Rulebook Appendix C regarding the usage of latex weapons, and they are subject to change as they are playtested on a more regular basis. Rather than attempt to sanction specific manufacturer creation methods, there will be several overall guidelines & restrictions around their usage:


Latex weapons are a privilege, not a right.  Players who fight in an unsafe manner will lose the privilege of using them (much in the same manner as shields).

(NOTE: One manufacturer recommended 45-degree swing max instead of the 90-degree max for 1-handed weapons as latex weapons are lighter in weight with foam more dense than boffer weapons, so we would encourage this as well.)

Only 1- or 2-handed melee weapons may be latex; thrown weapons and bow/crossbow darts may not be latex weapons (throwing knives, shurikens, axes, etc.).

Players may not thrust with latex weapons:
(This is actually a common rule among other LARPs according to one manufacturer.)
Without knowing the quality of fiberglass and/or carbon fiber reinforced cores, Kevlar-covered core ends, etc., the chances of foam tip breaking down over time, and the concerns over sharp weapon tips thrust into combat, we cannot condone players thrusting with latex weapons. 

Normal restrictions on weapon lengths, as well as dangerous ‘spikes’ or protrusions on maces, axes, etc., though standard latex weapon sword tips are permissible (however no thrusting is permitted).

Players must indicate where they purchase their latex weapons:
COS will track safety issues with any particular manufacturers or websites and add restrictions as needed.  Latex weapons should have:

* At a minimum of 5/8" foam on the striking surface
* A minimum 3/8" on any non-striking surface
* Core capped to prevent it from tearing/splitting/punching through foam
* Foam at least 1.5" thick minimum from core to tip (still no thrusting with latex, padding is for accidental contact). 
* Either a fiberglass or carbon hybrid core (both are okay at this time but if one proves to be problematic during play, we may revise this).

Latex weapons must be maintained by the player:
Failure to maintain a weapon, to include torn latex, exposed core, abrasive materials imbedded in/stuck to the latex, or any other potentially dangerous defect will cause the weapon to be removed from play and will not pass safety check! 

Any latex repairs should have the proper sealer applied to maintain waterproofing and to seal the latex in (avoiding contact for individuals with latex allergies). 

All damage to your weapon must be repaired fully and correctly before your weapon is allowed back into play.  COS will not provide any repair materials nor will staff perform any repairs for you.  

Latex weapons require a lot of maintenance! This is your responsibility if you wish to use one!

Latex weapons, like all Quest weapons, are not meant to be learned on.  Keep the blade off the ground, especially the tip.  Dust, dirt, and gravel will attach to the blade sealant and act like sandpaper. 

Always store your weapon with the pommel placed onto the floor to prevent the tip from compacting.  This incorrect handling can cause the surfaces to become unsafe in addition to damaging your weapon.

Latex weapons require special weapon colors and tags as required:
Latex weapons must follow all the same tagging requirements as boffer weapons (i.e. weapon tags, special type-colored tape/blades, etc.). Players may opt to use colored latex weapon paint provided by manufacturers on blades in lieu of colored duct tape, but the weapon must visibly be identifiable as Silver, Quality, or Magic (blue, red, or yellow, respectively).

Reminder:  Anyone caught stealing (to include latex phys reps) out-of-game will be ejected and banned from COS Quest; a player that wants their own phys rep returned must get it back.

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