Jan 28 : 03:32 posted by Lucas 
Thanks to the nearly 50 players who turned out for the COSVamp game at COSCon! The role-playing was awesome and if we see that kind of energy at other events, this is going to be a fantastic year!

There are still 4 events left this year. If you're interested in participating - please try out the game at one of these events:

  • 4/17/10 Butler Library event: 10 AM to 4 PM
  • 7/24/10 Kiwanis Shelter, Alameda Park, Butler PA - We'll have an OOC summer cookout during this in-character event!
  • 9/17/10 – 9/19/10 SIBCon, Days Inn Butler
  • 10/23/10 Butler Library event: 10 AM to 4 PM

Look under the COS LARPs link, find us at http://circleofswords.com/vampire/news.php or email vampire@circleofswords.com for more information!
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Dec 01 : 00:25 posted by Lucas 
Due to increased site rentals (and the fact that we haven't adjusted Quest rates in years), the PC cost for Quest events in 2010 will increase $5, however the NPC cost will remain unchanged.

New Rates:
NPC/PC: $10/$25
4-Day: $15/$30

For years, Quest events were held at Raccoon Creek State Park, where site rentals were just under $300 per event, and for the most part our fees did not need to increase. Now, however, we've had to utilize BSA Camps Agawam and Bucoco, which are over twice that ($650+).

With the difficulty in scheduling Raccoon events earlier in the year and the more frequent usage of BSA Camps Agawam and Bucoco, the club has had to find a few ways to soften the impact this has had on our operating costs. Based on event attendance and the number of planned events, we settled on the $5 increase.

While any increase in registration is unfortunate, we had to do something and this seemed the less drastic approach. Between this and the Christmas Points, Quest should be in a more stable position budget-wise going into 2010!

Thank you for your continued support, and we apologize for any inconveniece this creates!
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